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The Project Done! Business model is specifically designed to be an add-on companion business to an existing (parent) company with some or all of the following criteria in place:

  • The parent company *already is* an established successful business with a well-regarded reputation (the perceived value of the parent company’s reputation and credibility is essential to the Project Done business model)
  • The parent company has familiarity with managing team members and assets in the service sector or building trades
  • The parent company has been actively engaged in the community for 5+ years and has a well-established brand and professional network
  • The parent company is established in a physical building, has team members and office support staff, and has the basic business tools and practices in place to run a professional business
  • The parent company can produce a professional line item P&L for the last 3 years, has low debt, and clean taxes
  • The parent company recognizes the opportunity of an add-on revenue source that can be marketed to its existing clients and professional network
  • The parent company sees the value in diversifying by adding-on on an easy to manage well thought out second income stream
  • The parent company sees the value in the top tier Project Done! branding, web development, as well as an easy to implement business model
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